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AggreBind Australia is the locally based, Indigenous owned supplier of AggreBind products to the Australian construction, mining and agricultural industries. We provide products, and partner with local companies to support the planning, training and upskilling of local crews, both prior to implementation, on-the-job, and post-installation.

AggreBind’s non-toxic, patented technology is unique. AggreBind is the only environmentally friendly, long-string, cross-linking, copolymer for soil stabilisation, dust control and waste management. AggreBind’s patents cover a wide range of innovative solutions for waste and recycled materials in construction projects; its binding properties create a durable and stable surface and mitigate fugitive dust while also reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

AggreBind is sustainable, strong, water-resistant and low cost, making it suitable for both small and large projects.


RoadMaster ™

RoadMaster is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for road construction and road maintenance. RoadMaster is a soil stabilisation product for roads and road bases, including airstrips and haulage roads. Through stabilising in-situ soils, RoadMaster reduces dust and erosion, and increases load-bearing capacity by 400% to 600%. It is ideal for mining, forestry, agriculture and unsealed and outback roads, creating a cost-effective and stable surface that’s safe, durable and long-lasting.


AggreDust, based on long-string cross-linking technology, is a non-toxic dust suppressant designed to control dust and erosion on unpaved surfaces, reducing dust by up to 95%. It is ideal for use in mining and construction sites, temporary roads and shoulders, agricultural areas and more. By binding soil particles together, AggreDust creates a hard and water-resistant surface that reduces dust and erosion. The AggreDust solution improves air quality and reduces the environmental impact of dust and erosion.


AggreBloc, based on long-string cross-linking technology, utilises AggreBind’s ability to stabilise soil to create strong rammed-earth blocks for use in construction projects. AggreBloc provides breakthrough structural solutions for producing blocks, bricks and pavers – quickly, locally and cost-effectively. AggreBloc’s patent protected technology offers the only soil stabilising copolymer that can be used for vertical construction that can support and integrate with roof structures, doors and windows.


AggreCoat Silver provides a permanent, anti-microbial, clear and weather-resistant coating to any hard surface. Able to be applied easily with roller, paint brush or spray, its advanced polymer technology dries clear, leaving a reflective finish. AggreCoat Silver is heat-reflective and powered by Biomaster ionic silver antimicrobial technology and lays down a surface seal of less than 1mm to deliver its antimicrobial efficacy against a wide range of microbes.

Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly,
Australian Soil Stabilised Road Construction Solutions


AggreBind’s patented technology can be used in a variety of applications, helping to improve soil stability and prevent erosion, while also providing dust control and waste management solutions.


AggreBind can help to improve the sustainability and resilience of the farming and agricultural industry, through reducing soil erosion and improving safety and infrastructure for workers, crops and animals. AggreBind can support farming through dust suppression, preventing slope erosion, stabilising races and controlling dust caused by wind. Waste can be recycled and reused in new construction projects, creating a circular economy for both the industry and individual farming families.


AggreBind can help mining operations to reduce their environmental impact, improve safety, and create a more sustainable and durable infrastructure for their operations. In mining, dust can be a significant hazard to employee health and safety and extending beyond to the wider community and nature. By utilising AggreDust as a suppressant and RoadMaster to create stable roads and surfaces that can withstand heavy trucks and equipment and reduce erosion, mines can save money, improve safety and create more a sustainable and durable infrastructure.


AggreBind can be used in the energy sector to improve sustainability, safety, and efficiency. From stabilising soil to creating durable roads in energy exploration and extraction sites, to preventing soil erosion and fugitive dust around energy production sites including wind and solar farms, power plants and mines. AggreBind is a versatile and sustainable solution that supports energy operations and companies to reduce their environmental impact while enhancing their ability to safely and efficiently extract and produce energy.


As an Indigenous Australian company, we understand the value of partnering with a global brand and technical experts with decades of experience in implementing AggreBind projects. We provide complete training installation protocol and technical support and documentation to the project owner upon order. Contact us if you would like to the AggreBind Australia Team about your project.

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The information we provide is available for our clients to use for planning their projects. If you have not contacted our Tech Team yet to order a sample to trial, we think you should!

While it is possible to learn to implement AggreBind from reading our technical data and information sheets, we believe that hands-on support through your sample implementation is not only useful but absolutely necessary. If you are using our information and ready to get the results you want, contact our team to discuss your product and order a sample to conduct your trial.