Patented Soil Stabilisation Technology for Australian
Roads, Road Repair, Dust Control, Blocks and Pavers

AggreBind Soil Stabilisation In Australia

Welcome to AggreBind Australia; a proudly majority-owned Indigenous business. We take pride in our Indigenous ownership and are committed to building strong partnerships with our clients and the Communities we work within.

Through partnership with AggreBind’s global patented technology, we are excited to bring this unique, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution to Australia. With over two decades implementing road builds, road repairs, dust solutions and building materials globally, AggreBind is the innovator in soil stabilisation technology, and we are honoured to now be part of that global team. Our focus is to deliver the best possible solutions to construction, mining, agriculture, owner-builder and renewable energy clients in Australia and beyond.

AggreBind is a unique cross-linking long-string, water-based, co-polymer that is versatile and environmentally friendly when mixed with in-situ soils and other materials. It can be used for new roads and road repair, airstrips, dust mitigation and control, slope and soil erosion, as well as to produce rammed-earth blocks, bricks, and structural foundations for development projects. The patented technology also covers the use of waste and recycled materials, and the encapsulation of hazardous materials; the embodiment of circularity.

Our team is committed to change through environmentally friendly and low-cost construction and building materials. AggreBind is strong, water-resistant, and easy to implement, making it the ideal choice for small or large construction projects and real estate developments.

Our goal is to create a sustainable and prosperous future for our health, for our lands and most importantly for our people.


AggreBind technology is a unique, patented long-string cross-linking polymer technology used for soil stabilisation applications. It creates a network of bonds between soil particles coated with our proprietary polymer, creating a strong and durable matrix. The AggreBind polymer is made up of long chains of repeating molecular units, which cross-link and bind with each other and with the soil particles through a process called polymerisation. This improves soil stability, increases load-bearing capacity, and reduces dust and erosion enabling a wide variety of uses.


Waste regeneration is covered by AggreBind’s Methods of Use Patent and contributes to circularity by reducing waste, reusing materials, and promoting recyclability. AggreBind stabilises low-quality soils, reducing the need for virgin materials and extending the life of recycled materials like crushed concrete and plastics, construction debris, wind turbine blades, mining waste, and more. Some AggreBind products are designed to be temporary for short term waste management, dust control at storage depots and for seasonal roads and car parks, thereby air and surface pollution. AggreBind is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and does not contribute to pollution or waste.


AggreBind supports the development of infrastructure projects in road construction, erosion control, dust suppression and Community housing. Our projects contribute to improved transportation, accessibility, reduced soil erosion, and safer work conditions. AggreBind encourages localisation of labour, providing training and employment opportunities for Communities. We are committed to environmental protection and sustainability; by reducing pollution, protecting natural resources, and promoting sustainable practices, AggreBind helps to create a culture of responsibility and good stewardship.


Our goal and ethos is sustainability. Our products are environmentally friendly, focused on circularity, and cost-effective. AggreBind is non-toxic and has minimal impact on the environment through implementation. We live by circularity, and encourage waste regeneration in our projects to provide long-lasting and future-focused solutions. We believe that sustainability and profitability can coexist, and our focus is firmly on partnering with construction and development companies, mines and other businesses to provide solutions that contribute to a greener, healthier future.


Our mission at AggreBind Australia is to bring Communities together through the power of storytelling, and localisation. We strive to support Community development by delivering education, training, and infrastructure, empowering Communities to be sustainable. Our guiding ethos of preserving and strengthening cultural values underscores all that we do, ensuring that Communities stay strong and vibrant for future generations.

Our vision at AggreBind Australia is to create thriving Communities through education, training, and infrastructure development. By supporting Indigenous programs, businesses and individuals, we aim to empower Communities, foster growth, and encourage sustainability through ownership and training. Our commitment to preserving cultural values and traditions remains at our core, ensuring that Communities are strong and connected.

We aim to deliver choice and alternative. AggreBind products allow our clients to choose a strong, water-resistant, low cost, easy-to-implement and environmentally friendly alternative to their building, infrastructure and agricultural projects.

Learn about AggreBind Community Development Programs that align with the spirit of UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) on our global website. Click Community Development

How we work

At AggreBind Australia, we work with both project owners in the construction, building, agriculture and mining industries, and also support clients directly who wish to implement a lower-cost and sustainable solution.

We are committed to helping our clients and construction partners optimise operations through efficiency and cost effectiveness. Contact us if you would like more information, a quote, or to become a supplier of AggreBind products in Australia.

Here's how we work:

1. Consultation and Assessment

Our team will consult with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. At that time, we will ask questions, assess ability to install and if needed, connect you with one of our partner construction companies. Prior to implementation our engineers and tech team will have online trainings, to answer questions and discuss the technical aspects of the job

2. Sample Implementation

For large and ongoing projects, we sell sample sized quantities to conduct a training implementation where our engineers can be onsite to train your team, advise on methods and best practice, and answer any questions you may have.

3. Support Through Implementation

We are here to work with your construction crew, providing support in planning, soil analysis and implementation. As we are partnered with a global and experienced team, there is no query or challenge too big or small. If you would like a specific construction company to do the work for you, we will happily assist them with your implementation. If you are a construction company wanting to use and supply AggreBind as a product for you clients, we can provide training and upskilling for your team, to assist you to become the expert in implementations....and refer local work to you as we receive direct queries.

4. Training Crews in Best Practice Implementation

For installations, our team can provide comprehensive training to ensure your crew understand the technical aspects of an installation and can use AggreBind effectively and efficiently. Our training includes queries and best practice during both your planning and implementation stages. As needed, we can supply an experienced AggreBind Engineer to your job site to provide real-time training and upskilling.

5. Implementation Protocols and Technical Support

We're committed to continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We have a wealth of information and data available to our clients and provide product-specific Implementation Protocols to ensure you have access to the technical and best practice information you need, to ensure the outcome you want.


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