Who We Are


John Smith Gumbula

For 30 years John has been passionately involved in diverse Indigenous arts, business, innovation and culture in Australia and on the world stage. Having travelled and worked extensively, John soon settled back in Brisbane to continue his calling in the creative arts, enabling his continued inspiring walkabout journey and the experiences it offered.

Described as a force of nature and respected globally for his beautiful works of art as a Supply Nation Certified artist, John was born on WakkaWakka Country, Cherbourg – Murgon, Queensland, with WakkaWakka | GurangGurang and Irish/Scottish Heritage. Growing up dreaming on Ghungalu Country, his Mother’s hometown of Mount Morgan, Queensland, John travelled about the region often as a young boy, connecting with family in Woorabinda Aboriginal Community – Wadja Wadja (Wad-ja) and Gungaloo (Gun-ga-loo) Country where many of his family on his father’s side, resided.

In 1997 John was awarded and became Australia’s first Aboriginal recipient of the prestigious QEII Silver Jubilee Queens Trust awardee for young achieving Australians. John’s passion for arts, cultural heritage, learning, and innovation in business has attracted acclaim and respect by many First Nations leaders and entrepreneurs globally to be Cultural Ambassador

John first approached AggreBind Inc. in 2012, due to its global success and projects, as an ethical and sustainable solution to support Communities infrastructure, education for future generations and to support the creation of a healthy environment by reducing toxins and exposure. His goal was to reduce the impact of heavy construction in the Communities, and on the land.

Realising the value of partnership, and the opportunity to bring positive change for our Communities, John is honoured to be Director and majority owner of AggreBind Australia, and to lead the supply and implementation of AggreBind products in Australia.





Localisation is critical to our business strategy. Regardless of location, we work with and train local crews on the technical aspects of AggreBind products and implementations. We aim to foster a sense of ownership and to build strength in the Communities we work in.


Collaboration is the core of what we do, and essential to achieving sustainable and innovative solutions within the construction industry. Through collaboration we aim to share knowledge, expertise, and resources, to benefit our clients and the environment. Relationships matter, and together we can create a brighter and more sustainable future.


Education is at the heart of what we do, to empower our clients and partners to success. We educate and support through the research, planning, and implementation stages of projects, focusing on imparting knowledge and upskilling. We aim to create a foundation for self-sufficiency, sustainability and positive change in our Communities