AggreBind in the Press: AggreBind Infra Launch

The expansion of AggreBind into India shows the company’s continued commitment to providing exceptional soil stabilisation, dust control, and other innovative solutions.

AggreBind, a leading provider of soil stabilisation and dust control solutions, is excited to announce its expansion into India. This move reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to deliver unparalleled products and services to customers around the world. AggreBind products have been produced in the US and the UK for over two decades. According to the company’s CEO, Robert D. Friedman, choosing India for production enabled economies of production, speed of delivery, extended reach, and protection by integrity and rules of law made sense.

“As CEO of AggreBind, I was looking for a solid business partnership that would strengthen our expansion beyond our host countries at the moment,” said Robert D. Friedman. “We needed to establish a production partner relationship in the sub-continent region of the world where rules of law prevail and where people behave according to contracts and agreements. It was important to us, that it was a place where English was spoken fluently so that we could build upon government relationships, communication, and integrity with a meaningful ‘value for the dollar’ manufacturing base. For these reasons, India was identified as a safe and reliable point of manufacturing.”

India is one of the 9 countries in which AggreBind holds a patent. The initial approach was for India to be a source of production from India to other countries, however, this view quickly changed as AggreBind engaged locally to encompass a domestic focus. AggreBind, Inc. formed a production partner alliance with an esteemed ISO 9001 polymer producer in December 2019, and AggreBind Infra (India) was formed to service the domestic Indian market and the greater subcontinent out of India in 2021.

Today, AggreBind Infra India is available locally and the AggreBind team is focused on partnering with and building domestic infrastructure and sustainability, rather than JUST as an export opportunity. Because of the strength of its partnership, AggreBind has significantly reduced the cost to produce its products in the region, offering customers the best value on the market.

For the domestic market, localization has helped to deliver at half of the price of imported products and from a delivery perspective, AggreBind now can produce 2000 tons per month and can ramp up manufacturing as they grow globally.

About AggreBind

AggreBind Inc. was established in 2013. The company manufactures its suite of products with Production Partners in the USA and in India. AggreBind’s patent-protected technology is used for Soil Stabilisation, Road Repair, Surface Stabilisation and Dust Mitigation, Slope Erosion Control, and Moisture Management. It can also be used with Waste Materials and Recycled materials, Encapsulation of Hazardous Materials, and for producing Blocks and Bricks.

AggreBind Inc. is a member of the American Chemistry Council, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and was the 2020 nominee for the Katerva Environmental Award for Cities & Mobility. For more information, please visit

How we work

At AggreBind Australia, we work with both project owners in the construction, building, agriculture and mining industries, and also support clients directly who wish to implement a lower-cost and sustainable solution.

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