Slashing Road Maintenance Costs in Australia with AggreBind

Australian Unsealed RoadAggreBind’s Low-Maintenance Revolution in Sustainable Road Construction

Expensive, disruptive maintenance cycles are a major hurdle for sustainable infrastructure development and a constant burden of conventional road construction, causing traffic delays, resource depletion, and environmental impact. AggreBind’s innovative soil stabilisation technology offers a groundbreaking solution for Australian sustainable road construction projects: long-lasting, low-maintenance roads that shorten project timeframes, lower maintenance costs and overall investment, and minimise environmental impact. 

Breaking Free from the Maintenance Cycle Trap of Australian Roads 

Where the government, corporate entities and our mining industry seek to lower the cost of infrastructure, minimise road maintenance cycles and meet Australia’s Sustainability Development Goals, AggreBind’s technology makes it a reality. Unlike traditional stabilisers requiring reapplication every 12 to 18 months, AggreBind’s unique approach creates a water-resistant, long-lasting road base. By significantly reducing water ingress, the leading culprit behind potholes, cracks, and road deterioration, AggreBind eliminates the need for frequent repairs overlays, and maintenance cycles.  AggreBind slashes maintenance costs, freeing up resources for critical projects and enabling expanded infrastructure, connectivity and supply. 

Long-Lasting Performance with Minimal Effort 

The secret behind AggreBind’s success lies in its advanced chemistry. Long-string cross-linking copolymers form a robust network within the soil matrix, dramatically increasing the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) – a key measure of road strength. Independent lab tests confirm a staggering 400%-600% increase in CBR, resulting in roads that are able to withstand heavy traffic and demanding conditions for many years. 

The beauty lies in the simplicity of AggreBind’s “see something, do something” approach to maintenance. Infrequent inspections of high-friction areas where there are sharp turns, inclines, intersections, and parking lots, are all that’s needed to ensure minor surface wear can be addressed quickly and easily, using a diluted admixture by water-truck, man-carried spray pack, or garden watering can. Even pothole repairs are streamlined and low-cost, requiring minimal intervention for long-lasting results. 

Sustainable Savings for Operational Project Budgets 

The low-maintenance nature of AggreBind translates directly to significant cost savings. Reduced maintenance cycles, minimal material replacement, and a longer road lifespan all contribute to a compelling economic advantage for organisations focused on cost-effective road construction and lowering overall operational budgets. 

Beyond Cost Savings: Environmental Benefits 

The environmental impact of traditional road construction, with its frequent maintenance needs and resource consumption, is undeniable. Further, water ingress from poorly stabilised roads can pollute surrounding ecosystems. AggreBind addresses both environmental concerns; by minimising road maintenance and reducing water ingress, AggreBind contributes to Australia’s Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable road stabilisation and infrastructure development. 

Invest in a Low-Maintenance Future 

Choosing AggreBind is an investment in long-term savings, environmental responsibility, and a smarter approach to road construction. Our innovative technology builds stronger, more durable roads resulting in minimal maintenance cycles for roads and infrastructure and relief to project budgets. 

Ready to break free from the cycle of constant road maintenance and embrace sustainable development in Australia? Contact our Australian team and let us show you how you can transform your next project.

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