AggreBind Australia Partners with Space Centre Australia

Space Centre Australia announced this significant partnership via the SCA website and press release. The full content of the press release can be found below:

08 August 2023


Leading the Way in Indigenous Engagement and Green Construction.

Space Centre Australia – 20 July 2023 — Space Centre Australia (SCA) is proud to announce its partnership with AggreBind Australia, an Indigenous-owned organisation specialising in soil stabilisation, dust mitigation and green construction. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they embark on a journey to revolutionise the space industry with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and community engagement.

James Palmer, CEO of Space Centre Australia, expressed his enthusiasm for this unique partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be working with AggreBind to explore opportunities for soil stabilisation and green construction through our master planning and build. Our selection of AggreBind is a testament to our commitment to embracing innovative technologies and engaging with Indigenous-owned businesses. This partnership will contribute to the success of our space infrastructure development and strengthen our ties with the Traditional Owners of the lands, the Anathangayth, Alngith, Peppan, Thanakwithi and Wathyn, ensuring our endeavours are aligned with cultural values and environmental concerns.”

Space Centre Australia, an organisation dedicated to advancing space exploration and infrastructure, has chosen Weipa as its location, for its safety and environmental advantages. The inland site, close to the equator, offers excellent conditions for large-scale launches, and the region provides a unique opportunity to build a sustainable and community-driven space centre. John Smith Gumbula, Chief Indigenous Officer of AggreBind Australia, expressed his pride and gratitude for the partnership, stating, “Working with Space Centre Australia allows us to foster cultural engagement and discussions on an Indigenous level. We are committed to respecting the cultural value of the land and ensuring that Indigenous communities are actively involved in the development process. Our partnership underscores the significance of embedding local narratives and environmental impact considerations throughout the master planning process and beyond.”

AggreBind Australia is the first soil stabilisation company to be approved as a supplier to Space Centre Australia. The company’s focus on soil stabilisation, environmental management and dust suppression aligns perfectly with Space Centre Australia’s commitment to minimising its environmental footprint. AggreBind’s innovative technology will play a critical role in mitigating environmental impacts during construction and thereafter, ensuring a sustainable approach to space infrastructure development.

As Space Centre Australia strives to become a global leader in the space industry, it recognises the importance of engaging with Indigenous communities, promoting education, and supporting socioeconomic development. Through its Space Centre Foundation, the organisation addresses Indigenous matters, respects land agreements, and fosters a grass-roots approach to community involvement in critical infrastructure development. James Palmer reiterated the significance of working with Indigenous organisations:

“We believe in the power of cultural engagement and education about the industry. Space exploration is a global endeavour, and we are proud to demonstrate our commitment to Indigenous communities and their cultural values.”

The partnership between Space Centre Australia and AggreBind Australia exemplifies a visionary approach to space infrastructure development, one that prioritises environmental sustainability, community engagement, and technological innovation. By bringing together the expertise of both organisations, this collaboration promises to pave the way for a more inclusive and responsible space exploration future.

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